New Work

  1. Simon Crane at Independent Media for Hyundai


  2. Young Replicant at Pulse Films for Rosetta Stone


  3. Luc Janin at Pulse Films for Champs Sports


  4. AICP’s Matt Miller with Richard at Detroit’s AICP Show


  5. Margo Weathers at Supply & Demand for Downy


  6. "The Gun" by thirtytwo at Pulse Films


  7. Bob Dylan “Like A Rolling Stone” music video from Pulse Films won a Gold Lion at Cannes



  8. "High Maintenance" clip directed by Ben & Katja at Pulse Films


  9. David Holm at Supply & Demand for Tesla


  10. Janusz Kaminski at Independent Media for AutoTrader


  11. Elias Merhige at Independent Media for JBL


  12. Matt Lenski at Supply & Demand directs The Perry Bible Fellowship comic “Carolyn”


  13. Asche & Spencer music for VEEP


  14. Trailer for “Nebraska” from Alexander Payne at Independent Media


  15. Fred&Nick at Pulse for Beats by Dre